The Crab and His Mother

Once upon a time there was a crab named Leroy who was living with his mother.  This situation made the Leroy’s life miserable due to the constant nagging of his mother.  Leroy had an opportunity once to have a job in a different place but he refused.  This made his mother angry all the time.

“You should have taken the job when you had the opportunity!  Look at you, you are still living with me you pathetic jerk!” shouted the mother one day.

“Oh fuck me! She had the most odorous vagina I have ever been” reasoned the little crab.

“She has a name Leroy, its Britney and yes its odorous but you should have atleast tried.”

Leroy died in an old man’s pubes.

Moral of the story:  Don’t be picky.

Published in Triond The Young Crab and His Mother 

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